Join GNLD Now

Join GNLD Now


  1. As a Discount-Member - Save 15%
  2. As a Customer-Distributor - Save 25%
  3. As a Business-Distributor - Start your own business

Paying full retail price isn''t always the only way to buy. How can you obtain discounts on all products for the rest of your life?

1. As a “Discount-Member”

Discount-Member registration usually pays for itself with your first order, depending on how much you buy! Order directly from the GNLD company and save 15% on every order for the rest of your life! (No other benefits.)

2. As a “Customer-Distributor”

Save 25% off the retail price with every order!!! With GNLD''s Customer-Distributor program you receive a 25% discount off listed retail prices every time you order for the rest of your life! Just purchase for your own use or for your family and friends.

3. As a “Business-Distributor”:

  • Buy at discount price!
  • Earn bonus checks!
  • Build a team!
  • Secure your retirement!
  • Save 25% off retail price on all products for life.
  • No financial risks - you don''t have to keep inventory unless you want to!
  • No purchase requirements or monthly quotas to meet!
  • GNLD will drop-ship to your friends and customers!
  • GNLD will also process all your customers’ credit cards for easy shopping!

Basic Business-Distributor Plan

  • Provides a New Partner with all the necessary business tools to order product,
  • Register new partners
  • A product catalog and an overview of the marketing plan,
  • Designed for those who have their own system or are undecided on their plans for developing their business.
  • Provides you with a complete business building system, including tools and training, to build a business.

Would you like to make an extra £1,000, £3,000 or £5,000 a month?

Getting there has never been easier.

  • With GNLD support, you have a business for yourself, but you are not BY yourself.
  • The GNLD Basic Business-Distributor Plan provides you with the tools and training to build a business.
  • These tools will lead you through a proven company-supported system to build a business.
  • There is a set of CD and DVD training tools and product brochures you can order to assist your journey.
  • Start at your own pace, experience top-notch support,
  • Learn from the industries Best,
  • Attend world-wide events,
  • Receive recognition for your achievements,
  • Earn rapid rewards.
  • Provides you with a complete business building system including tools and training to build a business.
  • You will also enjoy the benefits of having a business today!

Three ways to contact us:-

  1. TEL :- 00447957 336767 and we can set you up as a Distributor over the phone!
  2. E mail :-
  3. SKYPE :- saminakhalid22

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