Omega VRT 350HD and VRT 330HD Juicer Review

Omega VRT 350HD and VRT 330HD Juicer Review

The Omega juicer 350 HD and the Omega juicer 330 HD vertical juicers are two of the most versatile single auger masticating juicers on the market, today. The HD stands for heavy duty so don''t be fooled by the compact, attractive space saving design. These juicers are both powerful and effective at juicing almost any produce.

The fine mesh screen on the Omega 350HD and 330HD are made of a GE Ultem material and this is the same material that is used for the auger. GE Ultem plastic is eight times stronger than melamine so these juicers can juice hard fruits and vegetables all day long without breaking down.

The Vrt 350 HD and 330HD also have a larger opening for both the screen and the bowl to prevent clogging and improve efficiency. They rotate at a low rpm (80 rpm) which means that your juice will have less foam and maintain the maximum enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Dual stage extraction means that the juice is extracted during the initial crushing stage and the pulp is squeezed to further extract the juice during the second stage. This result is bone dry pulp and maximum yield.

Both of these models are self-cleaning so clean up at the end of the juicing session is relatively easy. They both also feature an automatic cleaning system in the machine that is very much like the silicone wiping blades in an automobile. You just pour a jug of water slowly in the machine and the silicone blades wipe the screen clean as you pour.

You can juice a variety of produce:

  • Vegetables: Carrots, cucumbers, celery, spinach, collard green, wheatgrass etc.
  • Fruits oranges (peel the orange first but keep the white pith), grapes (with stems and seeds) cherries (pits and all), lemons, apples, cranberries, etc
  • Juices melons (skin and rind)

These are the only juicers that you can use to juice cherries with the pits. You simply add the cherries one at a time and it spits out the pit into the pulp ejection tube. With these juicers you get an extremely dry pulp and high yield. Fruits such as cherries are very expensive and you don''t want to waste them. You will get the maximum yield and use less produce with the Omega 350 HD and 330 HD, thereby saving you money.

Accessories include:

  • Fine Strainer
  • Coarse Strainer
  • 2 Pulp Ejection Plugs
  • Auto Cleaning Brush
  • 2 60 oz. Juicing Cuts with Handles
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning Brush